We operate in accordance with the guidelines for new coronavirus infection control established by Chiba Prefecture and the Japan Food Service Association.

In response to the new coronavirus, which is becoming the primary route of airborne transmission, Takamatsu has increased its ventilation capacity. One new in-duct ventilation fan was installed and one existing fan was replaced with a new one. Currently, two ventilation fans are ventilating the air in the store with 2.7 times the ventilation capacity compared to 2019.

An alcohol sanitizer was installed at the store entrance. Two air purifiers and one blower to circulate the air inside the store have been installed.As of September 1, 2021, the store owner and all part-time workers have been vaccinated twice.

The paper cups in the store are mask containers sponsored by Sunap Co. Please use them as they are easier to use than the paper bag system.


Partition between counter seating and kitchen

Entrance alcohol disinfection equipment

Vaccinated badge
air cleaner②
air cleaner①
Featherless fans Blowers
Co2 sensor always below 1000 PPM.