“Takamatsu” puts all its energy into sake produced in Chiba Prefecture,

We invite sake breweries from the prefecture to our “Sake-no-kai” (sake party).

Sake no Kai,

Except for the sake brewing season from November to February, Takamatsu invites sake breweries in Chiba Prefecture to a Sake-no-Kai,

Sake breweries from around Chiba Prefecture are invited to join us for two hours on Sunday afternoons.

Sake no Kai is an event where participants listen to the brewers’ stories and enjoy sake.

The annual “Koshi/Fudo Joint Sake Party

(Top photo: Mr. Shimizu, manager of Nabeshiten, and bottom photo: Iinuma Honke Goshigami from Katsutadai, a local brewery)

The sake party is not only for sake recommended by the breweries, but also for other sake,

The event also includes a rock-paper-scissors-paper tournament, quiz games, and other fun activities.

You will also be able to make friends with other sake lovers!

We try to create an atmosphere where it is easy for women to participate even if they are alone. If you are interested, please come!

Registration is accepted at the restaurant one month prior to the meeting.

Cancellation fees will apply, so please make reservations only after you are sure you will be able to attend.

★Past information pamphlets (Available at the store. We do not mail them)

Asahi Duru Pamphlet

AzumaNada Pamphlet , a Takamatsu favorite