“Takamatsu” is a restaurant that focuses on sake produced in Chiba Prefecture.

We mainly serve famous and best-selling sake from Yamaguchi and Niigata prefectures,

We don’t do the usual “we have some sake from Chiba,” which is a local specialty.

There are 35 sake breweries in Chiba, and each one has its own unique brewing style.

We hope to convey the passion that each of these breweries puts into each bottle of sake.

Come to Takamatsu for the best selection of Chiba sake in Japan,

Please enjoy a cup of sake tonight at “Takamatsu”, the best selection of Chiba sake in Japan.

How to order in the store

There is no menu in Takamatsu to select a brand of sake.

We always have new sake in stock at any given time, so you can choose from our refrigerator.

First, choose your favorite way to drink from the following sake cups.

(1) Glass Sake Cup, (2) Spilt Sake Cup (2 more types), (3) Chotto Sake Cup, (4) Comparison Sake Cup (3 types) *Hot sake can be served in the fall and winter.

Once you have selected your sake cups

You can choose sake from the refrigerator or ask the staff for recommendations.

Sake beginners are also welcome.

You will find that sake tastes different from what you thought it tasted like before.

Please give it a try.